Breach Lane Equine Centre

The Dressage Horses

Name - Pixie Jay

Stable Name - Lara

Owner - Patricia Haskins

Age - 5 years (2009)

Gender - Mare

Height - 16.3hh

Breed - Appaloosa x British Sports Horse

Colour - Snowflake Spotted Skewbald

***Lara was brought as a 21month old filly and slowly brought on and backed by Patricia Haskins. Lara in her first season won numerous preliminary competitions, Walk and Trot Championship at Chelworth Fields and a Preliminary Championship at Hunters Equestrian where she won both her classes. Lara then went on to play with Novice and Elementary. Lara won Silver at Preliminary Championships of GB -Oct 2013.

Name - Shianna Gonna Shine

Stable Name - Anna

Owner - Patricia & Alison Haskins

Age - 12 years (2002)

Gender - Mare

Height - 14.2hh

Breed - Appaloosa x Trotter

Colour - Black Tobiano -with spots

***Anna was brought in 2008 as a project pony. She had not had the best start in life and this often shows in her behaviours. Anna was initially an eventer mare. Anna has taught Patricia Haskins a lot about the Dressage world. Anna has qualified for numerous championships but not yet won any. She did rank 9th in Preliminary after the Great British Championships in 2011 at Cricklands. She has just given birth to the first BLEC foal!(July 2013) Anna is back in work and already qualified for three Championships in 2014.

Name - Maisey May

Stable Name - Muppet/Maisey

Owner - Brian Woodfield

Age - 7 years (2007)

Gender - Mare

Height - 15.2hh

Breed - Thoroughbred X American Quarter Horse

Colour - Palomino

***Muppet came to Patricia Haskins to be backed and schooled in 2011. Once finding out her talent for Dressage, Patricia Haskins was asked to continue her education. Muppet was competed lightly in 2012, finishing off the year by becoming a Bronze medallist at the Great British Championships -Cricklands- in Preliminary level. Muppet continues to be schooled by Patricia at Novice level.

Name - Firework Gonna Flika

Stable Name - Dazzle

Owner - Patricia Haskins

Age - Born 2nd/July/2013 7.55am

Gender - Colt

Height -

Breed - ¾ Appaloosa X ¼ Trotter

Colour - Skewbald ?

Dam - Shianna Gonna Shine     Sire - Orion’s Cinnabar

***Dazzle is BLECs first bred foal. Already he is showing a very light and flowing pace with good height. He also has a great attitude proving that by being 17days late! Dazzle has taken on a lot of Shianna’s personality so lets hope he takes on her talent. Dazzle is growing well.