Breach Lane Equine Centre


Crewezando joined the team August 2014. We had a slightly sticky start as we all struggled to adjust to one another but once that was overcome we have managed to go from strength to strength. Crewezando is very strict to his routine and if something changes you know about it. He is very playful and loves to kick up his heels in the arena or just laze about on his back in the sunshine in the fields. He has a great personality and is fabulous to be around. We are very greatful to his owner Kellie Watkins for allowing us the chance to compete him for her.


Crewezando was quickly qualified into the Championships of Great Britain 2014 once we began the partnership, there we didn’t expect results as we were getting used to each other and were very happy to place 5th overall at Elementary.


Since then he has qualified for Winter Regionals 2015 at Novice Restricted and we had a minor blip which placed us 9th, we were very happy with the results.


Crewezando seems to enjoy his Elementarys as easily qualified for Summer Regionals 2015. He has also gained his Petplan Area Festival qualification at Medium Restricted. And now has his Winters Music Regional qualification for Elementary Open and Medium Restricted. He just continues to shine.