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For Carriage Dog Trials training.

< The lovely Taylor showing off his stuff during one of our clinics.

The current carriage driving pony is 32inch Miniature Shetland Alice. Alice has had 5years of experience pulling the carriages.

Patricia Haskins trained Alice to drive to give her a job so she didn’t become grumpy when the big horses went off to play. Patricia Haskins has her NVQ Level 2 in Carriage Driving.

Jabbawock Dalmations and Patricia Haskins along with Alice have been teaching Dalmations and getting to understand their instincts to *follow* for the last three years.

We can do Private Lessons (1hr) with you and your dog/s. Or you could join in one of our Day Clinics to be with a group of people.

We can also teach you how to Harness Up, Put To, Drive, Take Out and care for equipment.


For More Information or in regards to booking please contact - Lou Garton - 01666510397 or 07881384079


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