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Pixie Jay or more commonly known as Lara was brought as a 21month old filly and slowly brought on and backed by Patricia Haskins with British Dressage in mind. Lara has a very easy going temperament but loves to please which sometimes gets her in a bit of a muddle as she tries to figure things out. Our plan for Pixie Jay is too see how far she goes in the Dressage world, we never intend on selling her.


She gets fed SR Crushed Oats, Allen and Page Power and Performance, Alfalfa A Oils, Dodson and Horrel Conditioning Mix -Summer only- Speedi-beet -Winter only- with a daily scoop of salts and de-tox from Naf.

I use Likit Products to help keep her calm when shut in a stable all day. She travels with their likit bars, including the salt one.


She gets bathed with Gallop- Blue shampoo for her white patches, Asda’s own apple shampoo for her brown patches and dock, then I use persil in her tail, followed by Carr & day & martin conditioner.

As she dries I use Supreme Products Leg and Body Whitener on her legs. I use standard equine Chalk on any patches on her body that need a whiter colour. I use Carr & day & martin Canter coat shine whipes to clean her face and give it a shine.


She wears an S line black Tekna dressage saddle with Shires half pad and nunmahs. She trains in a JHL snaffle bridle with Mark Todd Loose Ring French Link Snaffle. She competes in an Albion Snaffle with the same bit.


Most of her rugs are 7ft Weatherbeta’s or JHL although her show rug and fly rug are by the Mark Todd line.