Breach Lane Equine Centre

Pixie Jay

Pixie Jay or more commonly known as Lara was brought as a 21month old filly directly from her breeder - GROVE FARM COLOUREDS and slowly brought on and backed by Patricia Haskins with British Dressage in mind. Lara has a very easy going temperament but loves to please which sometimes gets her in a bit of a muddle as she tries to figure things out. Our plan for Pixie Jay is too see how far she goes in the Dressage world, we never intend on selling her. Pixie Jay is also trained to the art of Sidesaddle riding. Pixie Jay can jump, and enjoys the occasion play, but prefers to watch someone else. Pixie Jay also enjoys giving children *pony rides* and seems to enjoy their giggles.


Pixie Jay has just completed her first time at Summer Nationals competing at Novice Restricted. We qualified her for a bit of a laugh as Lara does struggle with some of the movements, but she managed to get there. Regretfully her rider had Sat Nav error and so they placed 14th which made the entire team extremely happy.


They have qualified for the Winter Nationals at Novice Restricted. And are aiming for Elementary Restricted at Summers and Medium Restricted at Petplan as well as Elementary/Music Qualifier for Winters.