Breach Lane Equine Centre

Shianna Gonna Shine

Shianna Gonna Shine was brought in 2008 as a project pony. She had not had the best start in life and this often shows in her behaviours. Once we got to know her, we nicknamed her Anna. Anna was initially an event mare who would happily pop upto 4ft -without the rider’s agreement normally.

Anna has taught Patricia Haskins a lot about the Dressage world after Patricia took a fall which ended her event career before it truly began due to a serious injury. Anna has qualified for numerous championships and regretfully didn’t get to many due to travelling issues. She did rank 9th in Preliminary after the Great British Championships in 2011 at Cricklands. Which was sadly the only time there that she actually behaved herself.

She has just given birth to the first BLEC foal!(July 2013)

We brought Anna back into work and competition after her first foal hoping it would have settled her down, alas this didn’t happen. So in March 2014 after winning the Chelworth Fields Prelim and Novice Championship,  we retired her officially from the competition ring.

Anna now enjoys long hacks, teaching dressage/jumping and teasing Patricia. We also sent her back to stud April 2014 in hopes for another foal. Anna will stay with us until the end of her days.

Anna has safely delivered BLEC it’s second homebred and her final foal (May 2015), she will enjoy life as a fun pony and a confidence giver where need be.